Welcome to the Online Leadership Academy for Educational Leaders

This online space is designed to help new principals and seasoned educational leaders thrive in their roles as change agents by offering on-demand, self-paced courses that focus on coaching administrators for the always-changing world of educational leadership. In this virtual academy, you will find a growing library of on-demand classes to suit your leadership needs. Most of the classes are recorded during LIVE workshops and as a result, offer added value due to the nature of the discussions.

What we cover throughout this virtual space...

Among many other topics, here are are a few highlights of what we cover in this virtual learning space

  • How to effectively communicate with students, staff, and parents

  • How to work with difficult staff members and manage their expectations

  • How to monitor and support teacher performance

  • How to build trust and foster collaboration with your staff

  • How to manage your time, energy, and workload for optimal performance

  • How to build effective teams

  • How to prepare for a principalship interview

  • How to effectively navigate the transition from teacher to principal

About your coach

Daphne Wallbridge

Conscious Leadership Coach

Hello and welcome! I'm Daphne, and I'll be your instructor in this virtual learning space. But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm currently a superintendent in Northern Ontario. Before that, I was an elementary school principal and a high school vice-principal. I hold a master's degree in educational leadership and a Supervisory Officer's qualification. I am also a certified Conscious Coach and a Master Coach practitioner. I'm the author of Step Up, Step Out: A Girl's Guide to Empowerment, Self-Leadership, and Success, and my newest book titled: The First-Year Princiap: 52 Practical Lessons to Help New Principals Thrive As Educational Leaders. My teachings focus on three critical pillars; conscious leadership, creativity, and connection. Why? Because I believe these three pillars are the key to positive and inspired school leadership. When principals run their schools with these values as their compass, they empower their staff to take risks, think outside the box, and thrive as educators. In return, this creates a dynamic, positive school culture where students and staff feel expansive and ready to learn and grow. And that's why we're here. To help our kids learn in a safe, warm, creative, and nurturing learning environment. So if you're on board with my mission, let's dive in! And thanks again for investing in YOUR leadership, growth, and evolution! Daphne


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