Here's what we'll cover...

Among other topics, here's what we'll cover to help you craft your personalized 90-day onboarding plan.

  • How to communicate effectively and manage conflict

  • How to craft and monitor your school's improvement plan

  • How to set up the proper systems that will allow you to thrive

  • How to build and nurture teams + get buy-in

  • How to craft a self-care practice that will allow you to lead with great energy and presence

  • How to lead in a time of crisis

  • How to coach and support under-performing staff members

  • How to promote your school and make it stand out in your community


  • Will the class be recorded for on-demand access?

    Yes, there will be one live class that will be recorded. You will be able to access it through your Thinkific learning platform along with your other learning content.

  • How long will I have access to this content?

    You will have full access for one year.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Once the class has been delivered and is uploaded to the Thinkific platform, you will no longer be able to receive a refund.

  • How is the course delivered?

    The course is self-paced to allow learners to fully absorb the content at their own pace while allowing them to put insight into action. There is also a Whats App group reserved for First 90 Days learners. This will enable you to ask questions during the course and afterward. This way, you can stay connected to other learners and Daphne.

Bonus material

  • Leading Effective Staff Meetings

    Bonus Lesson 1

    This lesson explains the different types of meetings every principal should know. When meetings are properly managed, leaders are better able to tap into the individual strengths of their teams!

  • Amplifying Your School's Visibility

    Bonus Lesson 2

    In this lesson, learners discover various tools and strategies principals can use to promote their schools to not only their community but globally as well! The focus is on amplifying the school's voice, pulling back the curtain, and creating your school's narrative!

  • Private WhatsApp Community

    Ongoing Peer Support

    Stay connected outside of class by sharing resources, insights and stories. Ask questions and access on-the-go support.

What learners are saying!

“ As a brand-new administrator, Daphne's coaching helped me become grounded and find a positive direction moving forward. ”

Rachel Molsee, Principal

“Daphne’s conscious approach to school leadership is exactly the type of coaching new principals need to rise to this exciting challenge. ”

Natasha Lessard, District Lead (Equity)

“The coaching experience has brought out a lot of self-reflection into my leadership skills and style!”

Joelle Ethier, Vice Principal