A four week course that will allow new and aspiring principals to hone their equity lens so they can ensure instructional excellence for all students

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    Welcome to the course!

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    Week 1

    • Week 1 : Setting Yourself Up for Success

    • BONUS: The Morning Power Hour

    • BONUS: Three Powerful Questions A First-Year Principal Should Ask Her Mentor

    • BONUS: Restructuring Your Calendar Webinar

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    Week 2

    • Week 2: Getting to Know Your School

    • BONUS: Survey Questions for Staff Culture

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    Week 3

    • Week 3: Collaboration and Teaming

    • BONUS: Put Your Strengths to Work!

    • BONUS: You Are NOTHING Without A Solid Team

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    Week 4

    • Week 4: Monitoring and Ensuring Excellence

    • BONUS: Leading school improvement

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    Week 5

    • Week 5: Developing Yourself and Finding Your Voice

    • BONUS: Activity Sheet - Finding Your Values

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    Week 6

    • Week 6: Focussing on Wellness for the Long Game

    • BONUS: Two Daily Self-Care Rituals Every Principal Should Implement In Their Life

    • BONUS: Self-Care is Not Selfish

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    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Create a compelling vision that will serve as your North Star when leading and supporting your staff, students, and school community

  • Lead your team toward productive innovation by looking at the power of exploratory work as well as exploring the power of adaptive thinking

  • Align your school’s priorities with the help of the congruence model and the 5-step problem-solving framework

  • Incorporate effective instructional practices that will ensure every student’s needs are met